“My daughter absolutely loves learning with Lynn! Her style is so fun-based, we look forward to every lesson and the variation Lynn brings. I’m sure my daughter has learned to read music and play piano without even realising it! I recommend her to everyone we meet!” –Leyla

I know that all children are unique and that each of them learns differently.

Lessons are carefully prepared and are age-appropriate, taking into account your child’s individual abilities and interests.

Preschool Piano

(3-5 years)

Preschooler lessons are filled with a variety of creative and fun activities that caters to the playful nature of your preschooler. They will learn to create piano music right away!

We aim to build a positive relationship together as they develop their confidence and early piano skills.

Lessons are private to ensure your child gets my individual attention. Parents are welcome to stay and watch!

“My son started piano lessons with Lynn as a 3 year old student. Lynn has had the most amazing ability to impart knowledge and keep Leo’s attention while steadily educating him and developing his musical skills. Leo looks so forward to his weekly lessons. His love of music is thriving and so is his confidence. Thank you Lynn, we are so thrilled we found you!” -Lori


Morning sessions available – enquire now for a consultation lesson.

Primary Pianists

“We are extremely fortunate to have Lynn teaching piano to our son. She is extremely patient with him and has great skills as a teacher… she makes it look like a breeze.” –Ross

Your child will start to discover their own musical tastes and interests.

We learn to play songs by ear as well as learning to read music through engaging material, often using the latest technology to reinforce learning.

Music theory is made fun through games and off-bench activities ensuring that they are enthusiastic throughout the lesson.

Primers grow as creative piano players, composing their own songs and learning to improvise too!

Contact me to express your interest in piano lessons.

Piano for Teens

I understand the need for teens to express themselves and find their identity through music.

Teen students are given a little more autonomy in their piano curriculum.

Together, we choose repertoire that inspires them and create goals that motivate them.

They develop composition and improvisation skills as part of a well-rounded experience.

“Lynn has taught my two sons for the past seven years.  My boys have loved their lessons with her and my older son now wants to be a musician and write his own music due to her ongoing encouragement and support.
I highly recommend Lynn to all potential students, as a teacher myself,
I am very aware of how skilled she is and how much passion she has for music.” –

Contact me to express your interest in piano lessons.

Adult Piano Tuition

Want to realise a life-long dream of learning to play the piano? Perhaps you learnt piano as a child and would love to return. I welcome adult beginners and look forward to supporting you in your piano goals. Contact me now to see how I can help you!


  • Lessons are 30 minutes but can be extended to 45 minutes for advanced students and adults
  • Lessons are weekly and occur during government school terms (8-10 lessons per term)
  • Contact me to enquire about fees for 2020
  • Performance opportunities range from informal performances at the annual piano party and studio recitals to participation in concerts run by Music Society Victoria.
  • AMEB Examinations: My students have a 100% pass rate with the majority of students gaining Distinctions, however, I realise exams are not everyone’s goal. Participation is encouraged but it is not compulsory.