Lynn Liu Varney

Private Piano Teacher

B.A. (Hons) Music, Canterbury Christ Church University UK
Post Graduate Certificate of Education Music, University of London, Goldsmith’s College UK
VIT registered, Working with Children Checks, VMTA Full Member
Music and piano playing have been my passion since childhood. Each birthday from the age of 3, I would ask my parents for a piano. It wasn’t until I was 9 years old that they had the means to invest in a modest upright piano and lessons with a local teacher.
I have always been grateful for the investment they made in my future. They had no idea at the time that I would eventually study piano performance and composition at university.
But this isn’t the same goal of every young musician who walks into my studio. Many just want to learn for themselves, “for fun” or to learn to play the latest “pop songs”. Many parents are aware of how beneficial music is for their child’s developing brain.
I believe in keeping students engaged whilst giving them the tools they need to become independent musicians.
That’s where creativity comes in to play.
Learning to play the piano isn’t just about learning to play other people’s music or amassing exam certificates. To me, it’s about learning to be creative in order to express yourself and to safe guard the music of the future.
Providing creative and fun piano lessons is a commitment of mine and I am always thinking of new ways to engage all types of learners.
In my 15 years as a Piano and Classroom Music teacher I have had the advantage of meeting hundreds of students, all with unique learning styles and interests. I advocate strongly for teaching in a way that caters to all learning needs and abilities and welcome them all equally. I believe that teaching and learning creatively allows all students to access piano playing.
I have enjoyed other musical roles such as Director of Music, Classroom Music teacher, trainer for graduate teachers, speaker at educational conferences and piano accompanist. I continue to grow as a Music educator by engaging frequently in professional development and staying up to date with current pedagogy. Being engaged in musical activity as a career is the dream of every musician. As a music teacher, I live this dream every. single. day. It’s a real privilege!
I am passionate about making each child’s musical journey enjoyable and giving them skills that they will use beyond my piano studio.

“Lynn Liu Varney has taught piano to my 2 children for the past 5 years. I cannot recommend Lynn highly enough. Lynn is not only a wonderful teacher, she is also an outstanding person. Lynn’s enthusiasm for teaching piano & life in general is infectious and you should not hesitate in enrolling your child into her piano teaching program.” Michael