6 Ways to practice piano outdoors!

It’s spring and the sun is finally shining!

We all feel the pull of the great outdoors this time of year and it doesn’t mean the pianists in your family should miss out on the fun…

Try one of these piano games and include the whole family when you inject some energy and outdoor fun into piano practice this Spring!

Hint: You don’t need to push your piano into the yard for any of these!

1. Piano Star Jumps 
Aim: Tally as many star-jumps as you can in 5 minutes! Jump on the trampoline if you have one! Set the timer and ask a sibling to take the tally…
Game: Set the timer to 8 minutes. Play your piano piece once (don’t worry about mistakes) then run outside and perform 5 star jumps. Return to the piano and repeat the process until the timer beeps. You’ll play faster and with more accuracy each time! Can you score 20 in 5 minutes?

2. Ball Game Relay
Aim: Score more points than your opponent by shooting basketballs into a hoop. Swap a basketball and hoop for a cricket bat and stumps, soccer ball and goal or ball and bucket. Whatever you like!
Game: Play your piece then run outside and take a turn at scoring a point. Next time you repeat your piece, your opponent can have a turn trying to score a point. Repeat the process 5-7 times. Who scored the most?

3. Musical Hide and Seek
Aim: Find your friend or a hidden toy outside
Game: A traditional game of Hide and Seek but replace the ‘countdown’ with playing your piece. When it’s your turn to hide, your opponent can practice their own piece, ‘countdown’ or play music from a device for 20 seconds.

4. Keepie Uppies
Aim: Count how many times you can bounce the ball on your knee, foot or a racket before you drop the ball. Exchange ball sports for hula hoops and time how long you can keep it off the ground!
Game: Each time you drop the ball/hoop, play your piece. After playing your piece, go back to bouncing the ball, keeping it up off the ground. See if you can beat your previous attempt. Repeat 5 times.

5. Pop the bubbles
Aim: See how many bubbles you can pop!
Game: This one is especially great for preschoolers and their younger siblings. Play your piece and then hop outside to pop as many bubbles as you can from one blow of the wand. Don’t forget to count them! Return to the piano to play again before trying to pop more bubbles than last time. Repeat 3 times… or more!

6. Cartwheel Race
Aim: Race your opponent to the end of the yard by cartwheeling, hopping or rolling. Anything but running… your choice!
Game: Decide on a starting/finishing point outside. Play your piece. As soon as the last note is played, meet your opponent outside to begin the race. See who wins each race. Best of 5!

Practising the piano doesn’t always have to be done alone or indoors. Get creative and modify the games to suit your child. Encourage the whole family to cheer them on!

Happy playing!

Lynn 🙂